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Foam Hand Sanitizer

Byotrol hand sanitizer products are the next generation of hygiene technology. They are alcohol and perfume-free and contain a skin emollient that will not damage the natural oils.

  • FDA compliant, CDC accepted
  • Will not sting or dry hands
  • Odor free
  • Long-lasting foaming formula increases wet contact time
  • Cost effective foam sanitizes more hands than gel
  • 1.69 oz. and 16.9 oz. foam pump bottles
  • 42.3 oz. cartridge for wall or stand dispenser
  • Powerful. No other FDA compliant hand antiseptic claims more
  • Reliable automatic or manual dispensers

1.69 oz. Foam Pump

Product Code: BHS-99

The compact foam pump is ideal for hand sanitizing on-the-go:

  • Air travel - TSA compliant
  • Vehicle - glove box, caddy
  • School - backpack, locker

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16.9 oz. Foam Pump

Product Code: BHS-50

The medium-sized foam pump is great for hand sanitizing where you need it most:

  • Office - desk/workstation, reception area, breakroom
  • Lunchrooms and cafeterias - at the register, tables, condiment bar
  • Medical offices - waiting rooms, reception desk, workstations

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42.3 oz. Cartridge for Wall-dispensers

Product Code: BHS-1250

The larger cartridge dispenser is perfect for high traffic areas such as:

  • Public common areas - restrooms, waiting rooms, dining rooms, cafeterias
  • Food handling - kitchens, food prep stations
  • Medical facilities - hallways, patient rooms, nurses stations

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Manual and Automatice Wall-dispensers

  • Touch-free to help prevent germ contamination
  • Each pump dispenses right amount of sanitizer to reduce waste
  • Easy to fill and clean
  • Keeps clutter away from the sink
  • Includes mounting hardware

Product Code: BHS-83-1250M (Manual)

Product Code: BHS-83-1250A (Automatic)

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Product Code Description Units/Case Weight (lbs.) Cases/Pallet
BHS-99 Byotrol Hand Sanitizer 1.69 oz. Foam Pump 24 5.0 180
BHS-50 Byotrol Hand Sanitizer 16.9 oz. Foam Pump 12 15.12 64
BHS-1250 Byotrol Foam Hand Sanitizer 42.3 oz. Cartridge 6 18.2 48
BHS-83-1250M Wall-mounted Dispenser for BHS-83 (Closed Manual Dispenser) 6 7.9 60
BHS-83-1250A Wall-mounted Dispenser for BHS-83 (Closed Automatic Dispenser) 6 7.9 60

Correct Hand Hygiene

Byotrol - Alaska Airlines

A good hand washing technique is important to ensure hands are cleaned effectively. Use the same technique when applying the Byotrol hand foam sanitizer to ensure maximum protection.

Byotrol vs. Alcohol-based Product

Byotrol's hand sanitizer is compliant with the FDA rules for hand sanitizers and provides a convenient and easy alternative to alcohol-based products. The Hand Sanitizer is available in three different sizes: 50ml., 500ml. and 1250ml. (wall-mounted).

POWERFUL Byotrol Alcohol
Broad spectrum kill
Speed of kill (15 Seconds)
Effectiveness of kill
Gentle on skin x
Does not dry or crack skin x
Does not strip skin of natural oils x
Non-hazardous x
Non-flammable x
Non-intoxicating x
Low cost x